Airport Professional Services (APS) was formed in 2001 as an aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) company for the purpose of providing consulting services to airport managers in the development of new facilities, improvement of established ARFF processes and procedures, and development of ARFF training plans and programs.

APS has invented and marketed highly innovative one-of-a-kind ARFF training products that provide solutions to ARFF challenges and problems, such as the Penetration Aircraft Skin Trainer (PAST Trainer) System comprised of the PAST Trainer, with its replaceable aircraft fuselage grade aluminum panels, and the Foundation Anchor System (FAS). This Training System is described in great detail on our Penetration Aircraft Skin Trainer (PAST Trainer) web page. 

APS is owned and managed by its President, Gary T. Schott, MSA, who has served in the ARFF field for forty-six years. He held key positions, including that of Base Fire Chief in Air Force fire protection at numerous bases in the United States and overseas. From 1990 until his retirement in April, 2011, he was the Fire Chief of the Omaha Airport Authority-Eppley Airfield. During this distinguished period of ARFF service, Chief Schott achieved a twenty-one year consecutive record of perfect, error-free, annual FAA ARFF Inspections. The FAA Regional Inspector attended Chief Schott’s retirement ceremony and spoke admirably of his significant achievements in the Airport’s FAA ARFF Inspections, as well as his significant influence and contributions to the ARFF community at large. Gary served as Chairman of the ARFF Working Group Board of Directors, and continues his active membership.  Also, he is a Primary Member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Technical Committee for Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting.

Airport Professional Services’ day-to-day operations are managed by Flanagan Consulting, LLC under contract with APS.  It’s President, James M. (Jim) Flanagan, BBA, functions contractually as the APS Director of Operations.  Flanagan Consulting manages:

  • The PAST Trainer Product Sales Team; price quote production and submission
  • Business development and marketing; phone, email and mail communications; providing guidance on PAST Trainer installation
  • Shipment bill of lading production; product shipment scheduling
  • Customer services, including delivery status reports to the buyers; product sales invoicing
  • Production and submission of the many Owner Documents, including the PAST Trainer Installation Guide and PAST Trainer HRET Penetration Training Guide
  • After-sales and ongoing PAST Trainer support and services

We invite you to request a price quote by using the formal request form on our Penetration Aircraft Skin Trainer (PAST Trainer) web page.  Our price quote will include the Shipping and Handling price.  Also, you may ask questions and request information other than pricing using the form on our Contact Us web page, or you may contact us by phone at 402-850-4699 and by email at jimflanaganusa@cox.net.

Gary Schott manages APS’ manufacturing and shipping functions. APS’ products are manufactured in advance in quantities to fulfill expected near-term orders. The products are stored as inventory in the APS Shipping Center, located  in nearby Plattsmouth, Nebraska.   When we receive advance information on orders, or actual purchase orders, for PAST Trainers or replacement aluminum panels, we configure the shipments with the products necessary to fulfill the orders, and we prepare them to be shipped. Orders are typically shipped within four to six weeks following our receipt of the purchase order.  However, when the customer informs us in advance of exactly what they are ordering, that enables us to begin the shipment preparation process earlier, and allows us to ship within four to six business days after receiving the actual purchase order–instead of weeks.  When we are ready to ship, we schedule the Freight companies to pick up the shipments from the APS Shipping Center for delivery to our customers.  While the shipments are en route, we keep the customers informed of the delivery status so they will have the required 6,000 pound forklift on hand so they are able to download the shipment safely upon delivery.

Gary also owns Schott Enterprises, LLC, which is primarily a property management company.  Because Plattsmouth, Nebraska has proven to be a business-friendly community, he chose to located the essential functions of both companies there.  Both the APS Shipping Center and the Schott Enterprises business facility are co-located in Plattsmouth.  Schott Enterprises’ primary function is leasing industrial space in the Omaha, Nebraska area, but it is also an Aronia berry and vegetable production enterprise.  The website address is www.SchottEnterprises.com. Airport Professional Services and Schott Enterprises are both headquartered in Bellevue, Nebraska, and Dottie Schott, Vice President of both companies, manages the financial and accounting functions at that location.

Significant FAA Documents Relating to the High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET) and the Penetration Aircraft Skin Trainer (PAST Trainer):